Disaster relief efforts container house

Years of nature to bring our disaster is more and more more and more serious, on May 12, 2008 since since the wenchuan earthquake, many places have happened to one of this kind of situation, I remember that in 2008 after the wenchuan earthquake, the whole country basic has a low heart, at this time of the people of disaster areas have we can’t bear the pain, the destruction, even a place to live all have no, and the emergence of the container house is undoubtedly brought them a hope, container house arrived in wenchuan, is for the disaster area reconstruction of a home, they have a place to live, at least, to avoid the wind and rain, today, has four years passed, and wenchuan is also the normal track toward development, and at that time the helpless, with each of us to dedicate a hope and get the wenchuan people’s deep gratitude.

Container house, although it small “tall”, but has a big use, container houses in the risk of disaster areas appear more and more is also high, is because container house may be everywhere is mobile, so they can help many landmarks have no home victims, and give them rebuild a home, and to regain a hope.

May we later need container house time has a lot of, disaster relief efforts and container house use part of it, it’s strong, durable, cheap, safe, environmental protection is our now want most, container houses, accompanied by wind and rain.


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